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Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System offers patients and visitors the ability to access the Internet via your own computer and wireless access card from anywhere in our facilities. As always, public wireless networks are not secure. Please do not use a public wireless network to send any sensitive information, as it may be able to be seen by others.

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Instructions for Accessing Free Wireless Internet

Instructions for Accessing Free Wireless Internet

  1. Turn on your wireless device
  2. Activate your wireless card, if applicable
  3. Launch your Web browser (i.e. Google Chrome)
  4. Review the Terms and Conditions. If you agree, select “I Agree”
  5. Once you agree to the Terms and Conditions, you will be able to browse the Internet.
Technical Support for Wireless Internet Guest Access

Technical Support for Wireless Internet Guest Access

If you are a patient or visitor having difficulty connecting to the wireless internet access within Spartanburg Regional, please call 864-560-9434. to gain assistance. If you are dialing from a phone provided in a patient room, please dial 6-9434.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Spartanburg Regional provide computers for public access or wireless cards?

No, you must provide your own wireless enabled device. However, any device that is 802.11b or 802.11g compliant should be compatible. Bluetooth is not supported.

Do I need to contact anyone at Spartanburg Regional or obtain a user name or password to gain access?

No, just follow the Instructions for Accessing Free Wireless Internet Access.

Do I have to agree to the Terms & Conditions before I can use guest access?


Where is wireless access available?

Spartanburg Medical Center, Spartanburg Hospital for Restorative Care, Pelham Medical Center and Medical Group of the Carolinas Physician Offices

Can I access private network systems as I do from home through a VPN connection?

Yes, once you are connected to the guest access network just launch your VPN connection.

Does Spartanburg Regional provide virus, worm or security protection for my device while I am using guest access?

No. It is recommended you have this protection before using any Internet service. Spartanburg Regional does use filtering software to block some web sites.

Can my nurse or other caregiver assist me with connecting my device to the wireless access?

No, please call our support hotline at 864-560-9434 for assistance.